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Build Your Credit Score Using The Shopping Cart Trick

Saturday 21 October 2017 at 12:02 am.

Credit scores are highly important. They determine whether you will qualify for a secured credit card or not. It helps you get bigger loans as well if you are going for them. Credit card holders and non-holders yet will do everything to build their credit scores. Having a bad credit means you may or may not get a grant loan or credit. There are different ways to build your credit score. The most common ways include keeping low credit on your credit cards, paying your credit on time, and not having more unused credit cards. Another way to build your score is to go shopping for points, it is a new shopping cart trick. If you are more curious about shopping cart trick then you can learn more about it on shoppingcarttrick.net.

How does it work?

Basically, you shop and spend your credit card balance for anything you wish. With this new shopping trick, you don't just shop for things but for points. This strategy helps increase your credit score. There's a catch though. It may not work for all shopping stores on the internet but it does work for a number of popular stores. The stores that accept this trick is called comenity store which includes Abercrombie & Fitch, Bath & Body Works, Motorola, and Victoria Secret to name a few.

Trying out the shopping trick

Cleaning your browser is the first thing you need to do. Clear everything - your search history, cookies, cache. Create an account on the website where you want to spend your credit card. Make sure to put your details correctly as you will be using them for other shopping sites. Start putting items on your shopping cart, let's say around $100 total items. Proceed to checkout then wait for the comenity store to approve your card. If it asked the last four numbers of your security then you are in.