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Custom Pistol Hobby For Me

Monday 02 October 2017 at 04:49 am.

I have been a fan of pistols and I would say that I am a frustrated army guy, as I never did enlist myself into the military although I have dreamed of myself being a man in uniform with a pistol on hand. So when target shooting became popular in our city, I finally took the time and try out the fad. I chose the custom 1911 that I have long been wanting for myself carrying and going to service with. This hobby have helped me a lot to get over my boredom and give me a sense of purpose in life. Learn more about 1911 pistols on this site.

I got new friends as well and we would enjoy different courses each weekend, and we even go to different places just to join some of the competitions and while we are there, it also is a vacation for me as well. Now that I have been doing this hobby for quite sometime, I already have a collection of pistol in my sporting room at home. I use different gun on different courses, I have a choice of long range arms, mid range and close range pistols as well. It is also a choice of using either short arm or long arm guns during the weekends. Well, it has its advantage and disadvantages for each and must be properly thought of before going into play.

I might not be the best shooter around, but then I have won a few trophies of my own. These would be my pride and my bragging rights as I can tell the stories to my grandchildren when they grow up, the story of each trophy that I got. And also I could tell the love story that flourished between me and my wife, which started with the same hobby as well.