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The Best Iced Dessert Ever

Wednesday 04 October 2017 at 02:30 am.

I have been happily married for ten years, and it is our tenth wedding anniversary. I have met my wife since we were in university as I was in the varsity team and she was a cheerleader. We clicked perfectly and we also share a few subjects together even though we belong to different organizations and taking different courses. Our relationship then went on like a roller coaster as there are a lot of temptations as she was a quite popular cheerleader and me being the MVP and sort of a jock. But then after we graduated, we kept our communications and our relationship went on. Learn about best portable ice maker on topicemakers.com.

After about another five years of being lovers after college, we decided to tie the knot as we felt that this is it as we shared a lot of similarities like simple food, we love the outdoors, watching funny movies, weekends at the park or just laze around the house on a weekend. As we are about to spend our fifth wedding anniversary, I wanted to surprise her out of the extra ordinary. I got her a bouquet of red roses and a necklace which I do not usually do as I am not a romantic person.

Then made a reservation in the famous Asian restaurant for dinner. So we went there in the evening and was easily seated as we have our reservations. We ordered our food and a bottle of wine to go with it plus some appetizers, soup, and of course the dessert. The chef personally approached us and asked if we liked the food after our dinner. I said yes, it was superb and asked him how the dessert was made as it was really superb, and he invited me to their kitchen as they are already about to close, and he showed me the best portable ice maker they have and that is the secret to their perfect iced desserts.