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People’s Perspective on Maximizing brim 2018 Budget

Monday 09 October 2017 at 01:55 am.

People outside Malaysia may not know a lot about this or may not know anything about it at all but br1m is a financial aid set-up by the government spearheaded by their Prime Minister which aim is to help some rakyat to cope up with the higher living expenses in Malaysia. As of now, since they are yet to find ways to minimize living expenses, they are still continuing the aid and at the same time soliciting advise from the people. Learn more about brim 2018 on brim.

What’s In For The 2018 Budget?

As of the moment, the brim 2018 budget is yet to be released. The government is still contemplating as to how much of the overall budget should be allocated to the financial aid. Last September 4 to 18, the Prime Minister initiated a blog that would cater to the suggestions and ideas of the people with regards to what they could do in order ease the burden that is being shouldered by the people.

Part of the suggestion relates to the imposition of GST or the Goods and Services Tax. People feel that part of the reason why they, the citizens of Malaysia, are suffering from high cost of living is because of the rate of GST being implemented. Some of them want to reduce it to 4% while others think that it would be a lot better if they will just abolish it.

However, some experts have spoken and they believe that abolishing it would not be beneficial to the government. GST is one of the most efficient taxes there is and it will be a great disadvantage if it is removed. They say that they will find ways to address it, maybe lower the income tax by finding ways to generate income for the government. As of the moment, no final decision has been made. The official budget is due to be released this October 2017.