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Thursday 12 October 2017 at 9:55 pm.

If you are looking for the best company to apply for your logbook loan, then the Car Cash Point Company is the leading company for logbook loans.

A multi-awarded company in the country, the loan consultants of the Car Cash Point Company will be the best persons to talk to. With a cash available immediately for you, this popular company will let you loan against your car whether they are prestige cars or vintage ones.  With the best rate guarantee for all loans, you can never find a better deal other than from the Car Cash Point Company. More information on loans against car on carcashpoint.co.

Why choose CarCashPoint for your next logbook loan.

1. Being a leading lender in the country, you can only find the lowest interest from the CarCashPoint Company.  No other logbook lending company can beat the price of this known company.  With a promise of having the best rate, this company will beat other service providers’ price by 10% if it’s lower than CarCashPoint.

2. There are so many payment options available for you.  Whether you want to have a short term loan or a long term one, there is always an option for you from this company.  You can also choose whether you need a weekly repayment or a monthly repayment program. 

3. Taking care of customers, the CarCashPoint Company also allows an early repayment for all its loans.  With an early repayment, you will have less interest on your loan.  On top of this, all loans from CarCash Point are penalty free if you do decide to pay early.

4. In case you already have a loan with another company, CarCashPoint accepts applicants who wants to transfer their loans to this company. The CarCashPoint Company has the best offer for transferring loans as it offers 25% off on all transferred loans.

With the best rate promise of the Car Cash Point Company, you can never find a better company than this multi-awarded company.  Loved by customers across the country, simply check the Car Cash Point Company for your logbook loan.